A New Year of Possibilities

January 2021 is here! A New Year of possibilities – of opportunities and challenges. Hopefully this year will see the end of the pandemic. WTB is looking forward to planning monthly meetings again, where we can participate in programs in person, share refreshments, and talk together face to face.

January also begins our membership year. To download a form, click here. You will notice that dues are $25 per year. These dues help support our programs such as the Refugee Sewing Project, WTB Book Club, annual World Interfaith Harmony Assembly (in collaboration with InterFaith Works), monthly meetings (panels, gatherings, films), and the WTB InterFaith Achievement Award given to one or more graduating senior girls in the Syracuse City School District.

WTB is an organization founded after 9/11, and its mission is really to see “the other” as “us.” So many Americans seem to look on other groups of Americans, of people, as “the other.” If there was ever a time to grow understanding between women of different faiths and cultures and backgrounds—this is it. So please join us as we move forward into this new year … building on our commonalities, creating meaningful connections, becoming “us.”

Some things our members have been inspired to do:

  • Support breast cancer survivors by making “Knitted Knockers,” soft, comfortable, knit prosthetics. Knitty Gritty yarn shop at 1153 West Fayette St. in Syracuse collects them; subsequently they are distributed to breast cancer centers. For more information visit www.knittedknockers.org.
  • Shop at the online Plowshares Crafts Fair through Jan. 31. Plowshares is central New York’s premier multicultural craftsfair and proceeds benefit the Syracuse Peace Council. Visit www.plowsharescraftsfair.org.
  • Offer online Turkish cooking classes at the CNY Rise Center. Email cnyriseladies@gmail.com
  • Learn perspectives from different faith traditions about the responsibilities of believers during the pandemic. Listen virtually to a panel discussion at www.risecenter.org/live Jan. 14 at 6 pm.