Kafi Amad and Irum Hussein staff the registration table for the monthly meetings. There's always a friendly face to great you at a WTB meeting. Come and bring a friend.
Kafi Ahmad and Irum Hussein staff the registration table at a monthly meeting. There’s always a friendly face to great you at a WTB meeting. Come and bring a friend.

Mission: Women Transcending Boundaries (WTB) is an egalitarian community of women from many faith and cultural traditions. Through programs, events, and social interactions, we seek to nurture mutual respect and understanding by sharing information about our diverse beliefs, customs, and practices and by working together to address our common concerns in this post-9/11 world. Our further intent is to share our personal and collective experiences with the wider community, to educate, and to serve. 

Activities: We gather to learn about each others’ traditions and beliefs, hear and discuss topics of interest to women and children, and form friendships with women from many different backgrounds. Reports of our monthly programs begin with the more recent event on the front page of our website. WTB is always evolving. When you become a part of this unique group of women, you will add to the dynamic with your own perspective and gifts. This is how our book club, outreach and networking have evolved. We welcome all women to participate our current activities as well as to propose new ones. To join, click here.

Leadership: Our officers and members have included women who are Baha’i, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Native American, Quaker, Unitarian-Universalist, and Wiccan; women who are atheist or agnostic; and women who are on a nondenominational spiritual path. For the current leadership of WTB, which is governed by a Council with expertise from an Advisory Board, click here.

History: WTB  started in Central New York after September 11, 2001, when women of diverse faiths realized that their common concerns and values far outweigh their differences. According to interests and availability, members participate in programs one Sunday afternoon a month from October through June, join the book club, help with sewing classes for refugee women, engage in informal sharing, network with like-minded organizations, and serve throughout the community. For more details, click here.

Awards and Recognition: To see who has honored the work of WTB, click here.

Media Coverage: To see all the attention we’ve gotten — from local media to The New York Times — click here.

Starting a group: Women in other cities have been inspired by our work. To read advice from one of our co-founders about starting a group, click here.

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