Friendship Dinner at CNY Rise

WTB collaborated with CNY Rise Center in co-hosting a Friendship Dinner Nov. 8 with keynote speaker Dr. Rhea Jezer, President of Energy 21 and an expert on climate change issues, problems and programs.

Melek Yavuz, CNY RISE Board President and President of WTB, introduced the topic “We Rise Together to Address Climate Change.”

Those attending enjoyed a delicious Turkish dinner prepared by the ladies of CNY RISE and music by Azat Orazmyradov.

The program began with a video detailing the science behind global warming. Dr. Rhea Jezer, President of Energy 21, gave a compelling and inspiring talk—emphasizing urgency in responding to global warming. Scientists know the steps that need to be taken to reduce heat-retaining gases in our atmosphere, but significant progress will require true cooperation and commitment from Industry, labor, environmentalists, government, and local communities.

Melek Yavuz and WTB Co-founder Danya Wellmon presented CNY RISE Center “Community Service Awards.” Dr. Rhea Jezer; Rachel May, New York State Senator; Chris Carrick, Energy Production Manager of CNY Regional Planning and Development Board; Al Stirpe, New York State Assemblyman; and Joanie Mahoney, SUNY ESF President, received awards for their efforts in combat global warming. Matthew Millea accepted the award for Joanie Mahoney. Each spoke about some efforts he/she has championed and the challenges to progress.

John Manion, New York State Senator, delivered closing remarks and received an award from CNY RISE. Barbara Bova of WTB said that though this scale of this problem feels overwhelming, we each need to do what we can with our actions, voices, and votes.