‘Singing in the Rain’ at a Manlius Park

“Celebrating Ourselves and Others through Stories, Poems, Songs, and Dances” was the theme of our first in-person gathering in more than a year, on Sunday afternoon, May 23, at a park in Manlius. We shared music, song, poetry, and positive stories about our experiences during this pandemic shutdown and upcoming summer plans.

Huge thanks to the Keyna Hora Klezmer Band (including our own Rosalie Young on poyk) for braving the raindrops with their instruments and enthusiasm. Their wonderful, lively music had us on our feet – we got to “dance in the rain”! Carol Lipson read Joan Burstyn’s poem “Discordant Music.” Though Joan has moved to Madison, Wisconsin she graciously sent this to us for our special re-gathering.

Many shared positive things to come out of their pandemic experiences. Lorraine Markley rediscovered her love of bead stitching and knitting and brought some of her exquisite creations. Joy Pople nurtured her love of trees, hiking local woodlands and posting unique photos and information about the beautiful variety of trees on her Instagram tree.geek channel. Zoom brought far-flung families together for virtual gatherings, and old friends reconnected through online book clubs and church studies.

Diane Lansing brought her guitar and led a sing-a-long of a “very WTB” song “Could you love me, if I don’t look like you?”

When the rain let up, the kids were able to head to a somewhat soggy, but still fun playground while others shared snacks and conversation under the pavilion. Thanks to all who came out…it was fun to be together! Here’s to sunny skies ahead.

Text of Joan Burstyn’s poem: “Discordant Music”
“Traveling down the mainstream of life,
I pause a moment and reflect on strife.”
– Marvin Zakon, “Reflections on Ecology and Stuff”

Strife has formed discordant music to my life.
Sometimes, that music has deafened me,
Shaken my bones, as when base drums
Vibrate through my body from the car
Beside me at a traffic light.
Sometimes, the discord fades, each bar
of music seemingly enriched by strife,
Enlivened by diversity, and drawing
To a resolution, slow and satisfying,
Until the next bars rouse me once again.
The discord grows. The music never ends.