American Dreams: Immigration Stories

There’s a role for YOU in “American Dreams: Immigration Stories.” This is the theme of our program on Sunday, May 22, from 3-5 pm at Jowonio School, 3049 E. Genesee St., Syracuse (park and enter at the rear of the building).

We will perform a reading of “American Dreams: Immigration Stories,” by Linda Britt. Written in 2016, the play is composed of short monologues reflecting experiences of immigrants to the US. Each monologue is less than one page and tells the story of one specific character. Immigrant experiences vary with country of origin, race, religion, age, and location.

Would you like to read one or more of these monologues? We are looking for 10-20 people to portray one or more immigrants. There are roles for men, women, and teenagers. Some examples: Selma, age 48, Bosnia; Katie, age 24, China; Jacob, age 50, Poland; Marco, age 30, Mexico. You are also welcome to tell your own story! Email Sue Savion at for more information!

We will send you a link to the play and you can select the character(s) you relate to and would like to portray! This is a great opportunity to have some fun while learning about the stories of our friends and neighbors who have come here from different parts of the world.