Sycamore Hill Gardens Tour

Sycamore Hill Gardens in Marcellus has graciously opened their 40 acres of gardens for our annual fundraiser the Sunday after Mother’s Day. Dozens of visitors meander through the gardens, each one exploring the numerous secrets and surprises and humor of that magnificent place. Mild weather encourages contemplative walking, quiet meditation or discovering stunning surprises such as the minotaur standing at the center of the evergreen tree maze and the eight-foot bronze alligator lolling at the edge of the lake! These gardens offer an ever-changing array of colors, textures, fragrances, and magic.

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In addition to exploring the magnificent showcase of nature’s beauty and sharing conversation and food on the lawns, we have opportunities to participate in activities such as a Zen Buddhist meditation, Tai Chi Chih practice or Wiccan ritual.

Hidden alcoves beckon adults and children alike; wanderers stroll into the pagoda or find benches in quiet shady spots. Bronze sculptures peek out from behind trees or shrubs. Chimes ring out periodically along with sounds of bells from the bell garden and of course, the GONG which is struck by every passing child (and some older folks too)! Birds chirp, and squirrels and chipmunks flit about. Huge drifts of flowers loom and bloom everywhere–a welcome sight after the snowdrifts of the previous winter!

Women Transcending Boundaries is grateful to the Hanford family for their generosity in sharing such a beautiful and sacred space!