E-mail List

We keep in touch through an email distribution list. And it’s changed as of Fall, 2009, so you won’t be getting so many messages.  We heard your concerns that you got too much!

We’ll be sending monthly electronic newsletter with key information and events.  Other posts to the list will first be screened, so that you’ll get fewer messages.

If you sign up for this email list,  you’ll get messages cleared for the list as the monthly combo newsletter.

To send something for posting on the list forward it to:  info@wtb.org .

If you’d like to subscribe to the list  also send a message to info@wtb.org and put “Subscribe” in the subject. Your email will be added individually, so it may take a few days.

This list is sometimes referred to as the “listserv” since it runs on Listserv software. The maintenance of the list is through Syracuse University so we need to keep our messages non-profit and not use the list for commercial purposes.

Yahoo! Group

We also have a Women Transcending Boundaries Yahoo Group for members and friends of WTB.  See directions below:

  1. Go to http://groups.yahoo.com
  2. New User? Sign up. Fill in info. Create an account.
  3. Hit “find a yahoo group”; enter Women transcending boundaries, hit search.
  4. Hit “join this group”. That takes you to WTB’s home page.
  5. Your profile. I just put in part of my e-mail, “graceofsummer”.
  6. Give the email address you want to use to receive messages.
  7. Choose type of message delivery:  Individual email or Daily Digest.