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We’re Days Away from A-OK!, Sept 8-9

Lots of woman-power on A-OK! Weekend 2011 in working side by side to make our community better.

After the tragedy of 2011, WTB formed to build community among people of diverse faiths and cultures. We commemorate that time this weekend with our third Acts of Kindness, A-OK! Weekend, Sept. 8-9.

This year’s A-OK Weekend will focus on gathering with the neighborhood, getting to know neighbors whose faces are familiar but names may be unknown.  Sharing food and stories is a first step to
building trust. Your gathering can be the prelude to deciding on a
joint project that will make the local block a friendlier and more inviting place to live.

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Most of the events this year are happening in neighborhoods, faith communities and homes. Two public events set for Saturday, Sept. 8:

  •  9 a.m.-noon  – ProLiteracy, a non-profit, working to help people read worldwide,  is celebrating its opening of a new office and training space  on the Near Westside.   The founder of one of its predecessor groups, Ruth Colvin, was instrumental in WTB’s early days.
  •  1:30 – 4:30 –  White Branch Public Library will host new Americans as they get to know each other.  The library is located at 763 Butternut St., telephone: 315-435-3519 (note: earlier message about bringing food was in error, no food at the library).

To get involved or ask questions, email Daryl Files, darylteam1(at) Read about our 2011 and 2010 A-OK events (click on the underlined links).

Try These Ideas for A-OK!

The A-OK! Team shares these ideas for what you can do to honor those who died and help those who live:

  • Students — smile at someone you haven’t met this first week of school.  Sit at lunch with someone new. Look for the person sitting by him/herself and chat.  Start a new habit of appreciation — treat others as you wish to be treated.
  • Invite your neighbors over for an ice cream social  — reach out especially to those who usually don’t participate in neighborhood activities.
  • Celebrate you co-workers who have a birthday in September.  Have a picnic in a park or arrange coffee at a local cafe instead of giving cards and a gift. Or bring a bag of donations for a family who can use your help.
  • Grandparents Day is Sunday, Sept. 9. Surprise a grandparent (yours or someone else’s) with something fun.
  • Take some books to a local playground and read with children
  • Encourage members of your faith community to bring canned goods for a food pantry. Take others with you when you deliver them.
Check the facebook link at the right to find more ideas.

Meet New Americans on Sept. 30  

Immigrant women who learned to sew through WTB showcase their crafts at our International Dinner. Photo by Kafi Ahmad.

WTB has long been involved in bringing together women of various cultures so it’s natural that we do programs with new Americans, refugees brought to Syracuse through United Nations programs.

In fact, Syracuse has a rich heritage of welcoming immigrant families, from the Italians and Irish in the 1800s to the the Vietnamese in the ’70s, and recent families from Bhutan, Burma, Iraq, Somalia, and  Sudan.

We’ll celebrate the unique skills, foods and culture they bring us at our next meeting, Sept. 30 at 3 p.m.  We meet at Jowonio School on Syracuse’s east side, across from Nottingham High School.

Come meet these women and learn about resettlement through Interfaith Works and Catholic Charities.

Come Chat at our Monthly Schmai Time

We have schmai times — when we sit and chat and get to know each other. Feel free to come join us:

  • Tues., Sept 11  5:30-7:30 — Panini’s at the Green Lakes Golf Course. This is one of the most beautiful views in CNY. From the patio over the golfcourse you can see the beach of Green Lake, the waters of Round Lake and some days even Oneida Lake. Enter the park at the Route 5 entrance as you can get to Panini’s from there without paying the park entrance fee.
  • Wed., Oct.  17 11:30-1:30 — Goodies Mediterranean Restaurant,  a new restaurant at 3605 James Street (near Thompson Rd.) which serves Mediterranean and American food.

Book Club To Read Novel Set in Africa

Read a book and come discuss it with other women of various interests, cultures and faiths.  The next selection is The River Where Blood is Born by Sandra  Jackson-Opoku.  We’ll meet the evening of Mon., Sept. 24 to talk about it.

Library Journal gives this summary of the book:

     First novelist Jackson-Opoku “focuses on strong female characters as they journey through poverty and family conflicts to seek love, fulfillment, justice, and, ultimately, peace” in this part folktale/spiritual/modern romance.   The book is set in Africa.

Call Jennifer Crittenden at 633-2817 if you’d like the location and directions to the meeting. Click here:  Book Club, for the reading schedule for the rest of the year.

Time To Join or Renew!

Come join our interesting group of women who are working to bridge some of the divides in our country. .  We are in our 11th year as a regional group of women of various faiths and traditions, working together.  Our fiscal year is June to May but any time is a good time to join WTB or renew your membership.  Our suggested membership donation is $20.

To donate  complete this membership form and send it with a check to the address at the bottom of the page. Of course you can be involved even if you can’t pay.

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