Supporting the Community Campaign for Love

In lieu of an in-person meeting, our September project supported the Community Campaign for Love, an initiative of InterFaith Works in support of children in Syracuse schools.

WTB president Barb Bova delivered donations of $500 and a trunk-load of of needed supplies including 103 bars of soap, 42 toothbrushes, 6 dental floss, 25 tubes of toothpaste, 3 large packages of female hygiene products, 16 deodorants, 6 bottles of hand sanitizer, 3 bottles of aftershave/men’s cologne, 150 pairs of underwear, 8 undershirts, 117 pairs of new socks, 3 pairs of comfy sock booties, 3 kids’ masks, a “cool” boys’ tee shirt, colored hair bows, 1 scented body lotion and soap set, 2 bottles of shampoo, 36 rolls of toilet paper, 1 box of tissues, 1 large bottle of laundry detergent, 9 washcloths/hand towels, 10 zip lock bags (each with a toothbrush with a cover, toothpaste, dental floss, soap, and deodorant), a large bag of assorted travel-sized toiletries and makeup, 3 additional large bags of socks, and some clothing items.

Thank you to each person who donated to this cause and those who supported this effort in other ways. “I’m proud to be part of this group of caring women,” Barb reported. “Together we can make a positive difference!”

Rise Above Poverty strives to support and aid children in the Syracuse School District who face poverty and homelessness. Reggie Kelley, its Founder and Executive Director, felt compelled to start the organization after he read an article about the homeless rate in the Syracuse City School District. He enlisted the aid of the community to help youth acquire basic necessities.

Schools supported include Brighton Academy, Delaware Primary School, Ed Smith Pre-K-8, Oasis Academy, Promising Futures Leadership Academy and Frazer Pre-K-8.