Writing Our Vision Statement

The following Vision Statement was recommended by the core group, presented, voted on and approved. WTB’s vision statement is: WE ARE AN EGALITARIAN COMMUNITY OF WOMEN COMING TOGETHER TO RESPECT AND LEARN MORE ABOUT EACH OTHERS’ VARIOUS SPIRITUAL BELIEFS, AND COMMON CONCERNS. IT IS OUR INTENT TO SHARE OUR EXPERIENCES WITH THE WIDER COMMUNITY, TO EDUCATE AND TO SERVE. We will review it periodically as WTB develops to ensure it accurately describes the group. Suggestions for future revisions are welcome.

Roman Hosain presented her proposal for the literacy project in Pakistan.  A committee was formed to investigate how to further develop the plan.

There was a great deal of discussion regarding working on literacy projects here in Syracuse for adults and children. There are a number of programs in the area that offer ESL (English as a Second Language).